HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer Review

HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

The HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer allows you to both sanitize and clean your floors. It is versatile and has features such as accessories and a handheld steamer to help with grout, countertop and hard to reach area cleaning.

This floor steamer kills 99.9% of bacteria, dust mites and household germs and without the use of harsh chemicals.

Features – Benefits:

1. Comes with a removable portable steamer and versatile attachments for efficient cleaning
2. You can maneuver this cleaner around easily with a built in swivel head
3. Includes a sanitizing Carpet Glide attachment that rejuvenates your carpet
4. It has a detachable water tank that is easy to fill

Product – Shipping Details:

1. Product measures at approximately 7.1 x 12.9 x 47.2 in
2. The cleaner weighs approximately 11.8 pounds
3. With 12 customer reviews this product comes with a 3 1/2 stars rating on Amazon
4. Currently, this unit can only be shipped within the United States

Final Analysis:

A few upsides to HAAN SI-70 steamer is it’s versatility and easy assembly. It can be assembled in only minutes without the use of directions. The steam in this unit remains hot and you can clean and sanitize large areas of your floor without having to continuously press a button. You can snap in the two pads easily with no need for elastic or strings and the pads last a long time during cleaning.

The only real downside to this unit is it tends to be a little heavy and the disposable pads are a little costly, but the efficiency of the HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer makes it well worth the expense and basically pays for itself by saving you a great deal of money on separate cleaning supplies.

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